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本文摘要:When Apple released its iOS9 mobile operating system it included a new feature - the ability for women to log their sexual activity alongside details of their menstrual cycles. An earlier version of its HealthKit software - which tracks ev


When Apple released its iOS9 mobile operating system it included a new feature - the ability for women to log their sexual activity alongside details of their menstrual cycles. An earlier version of its HealthKit software - which tracks everything from electrodermal activity to chromium intake - had lacked the facility. Other apps existed that could pick up the slack, but it had led to claims that Apple - and other phone companies - had not focused closely enough on womens health. Samsungs S Health and Androids Google Fit have yet to add this feature into their health apps, but its likely to only be a matter of time before they do.苹果公司公布的ios9系统有一个新功能--协助女性记录她们的性行为和生理期的琐事。以往版本的HealthKit应用软件记录了所有的事情,从皮肤电反应到铬摄入量,但是却缺乏这项便捷功能。虽然早已有应用软件填补了这个功能遗缺,但是苹果公司和其他手机生产公司这一功能的缺陷造成他们被谴责过于关心女性身体健康。

三星的Health和安卓的Google Fit还没加添这项功能到他们的身体健康应用软件里,但是,加到只是个时间问题而已。Women who are trying to get pregnant often track a number of health signals in order to fully understand their monthly cycle and therefore catch their most fertile times - much as a marathon runner would track their fitness metrics.想分娩的女性常常通过记录她们的身体健康信号来解读她们的周期,然后逃跑最更容易分娩的时间,就像马拉松运动员记录他们的身体健康指标一样。According to Apple, users decide which information will go into the Health app and which third-party apps can access the data. Those third-party apps must have a privacy policy. When phones are locked, the health and fitness data is encrypted. If users choose to back up health data to iCloud, that is encrypted as well.苹果公司称之为,用户将要求Health应用软件收益哪些信息以及哪些第三方应用于可以提供这些数据。


如果用户自由选择上载身体健康数据到iCloud,那么这些数据也不会被加密。A lot of people are monitoring data that helps them plan for a family, says Ricky Bloomfield, a doctor at Duke University who is currently engaged in trials for HealthKit with his patients. The impact here can be quite significant in giving users tools to do that more accurately.The categories people can track include sexual activity, including whether protection was used, basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test results and spotting.杜克大学的医生现在于是以和他的病人们一起专门从事于HealthKit的研发,他回应:“很多人通过检测身体健康数据来协助他们解决问题生育问题,现在可以利用这个应用于更加精确地用于这些数据了。”人们需要跟踪到的性行为的数据类型还包括否使用保护措施、基础体温、宫颈粘液质量、月经期、受精测试结果和定位。Dr Nathaniel DeNicola, a gynaecologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said the sex-tracking technologies had the power to help people take more charge of their health care and communicate better with their doctors.Gynaecologists take the last menstrual period as a vital sign and when women can log it in their phones, they are much more likely to have accurate dates on hand, said Mr DeNicola. Its almost ubiquitous now that women will have an app to track their pregnancy, he said.宾夕法尼亚大学妇科学家纳撒尼尔·迪尼克拉博士回应,跟踪性行为的技术能协助人们更佳地掌控自身的身体健康以及更佳地和各自的医生交流。


他说道,妇科学家将最近一次的生理期作为近期生命体征,因此如果女性将它记录在手机里,她们将有可能获得更加精确的数据。现在,女性广泛利用应用软件记录她们的孕期。He does not always recommend patients track their reproductive health via an app, but he asks patients about it and tells them it can be useful. There are no studies proving that these apps improve the chance of getting pregnant, or cure diseases, but this kind of digital recording can enhance patient memory, he said. Often, questions asked at the gynaecologists office can turn into a guessing game. Patients used to do a diligent job with pen and paper, tracking activity when trying to get pregnant. Now it has gone digital. Its pretty clear if theyre putting it in the phone, itll increase recall, and help us in dating pregnancies, he said. Mr DeNicola notes that apps to track health are inherently fraught with limitations. I think we always see tech as having risks...but since the evolution seems inevitable, we may as well find the positive, he said.但是,他不总引荐病人用于应用程序记录她们的孕期,他不会回答病人的意愿,然后告诉他她们这些应用于有可能简单。他说道,没研究指出这些应用于可以提升分娩几率或化疗疾病,但是这种电子数字记录需要强化病人的记忆。



但他还说道:“用应用于跟踪健康状况有其天生的容许,我们指出,技术总是有风险。但是既然改革势在必行,我们还是看它的大力面较为好。”Tara Culp-Ressler, a Washington, DC-based journalist who tracks reproductive health issues closely, said the tech giants announcement was a welcome change to views on womens health in 2015. Regardless of whether women think its a useless app compared to other tracking apps - it is a good step to see such a huge company, especially one thats been criticised in the past, really stepping up and making a statement that womens health and hygiene is integral part of healthcare, says Ms Culp-Ressler.华盛顿记者塔拉·卡尔普雷斯纳正在密切跟踪生育身体健康问题,她回应,从2015年关于女性身体健康的看作,科技巨头(苹果)的此项转变是一个好的转变。


她说道:“不管在和其他记录身体健康数据的应用于比起之后,女性否实在苹果的这个应用于简单,这都是个变革。因为这回应大公司,尤其是之前受到涉及抨击的大公司,确实开始注目并否认女性的身体健康和保健是卫生保健不可缺少的一部分。Reproductive organs are just another part of the body one might want to track like heartbeat or sleep patterns and that message coming from Apple is an important one, Ms Culp-Ressler said.卡尔普雷斯纳女士回应,人们不会想记录身体的部分,比如跳动或睡眠中类型。

对生殖器官也是一样,而苹果记录的消息又很最重要。Megan King, who lives in New York City, had used Clue - one of the other reproductive health trackers - for about a year before iOS9 was released.Such apps are a good way to track menstrual cycle and fertility, she said.This is the year of females owning their feminine hygiene, she added.Apple integrating is a huge step forward because its showing its support of women being aware of whats going on in their own body, and they want it to be something important to everyone.住在纽约的梅根·金在ios9公布之前,用于了Clue这款生殖身体健康跟踪应用于早已用了一年。她说道,此类的应用于是记录生理期和生育力的好帮手。