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本文摘要:Blue eyes have historically been a significant measure of attractiveness, and although they’re commonly found among actors and models, only 17% of the global population has them. For the majority of people, approximately 80% of the populat


Blue eyes have historically been a significant measure of attractiveness, and although they’re commonly found among actors and models, only 17% of the global population has them. For the majority of people, approximately 80% of the population, blue eyes have been attainable only with the aid of colored contact lenses or artificial iris implants. But that will soon change with the introduction of a new medical procedure, pioneered by California company Stroma Medical, that can turn brown eyes blue.蓝色眼睛仍然被指出是美貌的一个最重要衡量标准。尽管很多演员和模特儿都有蓝眼睛,但是从全球范围来看,只有17%的人口享有蓝眼睛。


The laser procedure works by eliminating the melanin from the surface of the iris, which then allows light to enter and scatter in the stroma. The effect is similar to Rayleigh scattering, in which wavelengths of sunlight hit much smaller molecules in the air and then scatter, which makes the atmosphere appear blue.这项激光手术通过避免虹膜表面的黑色素,让光线以求转入虹膜,集中在基质层上,从而让眼睛呈现蓝色。这一过程和瑞利散射的原理类似于,当阳光的波长看清空气中的分子衍射出去,天空就不会呈现出蓝色。“The fundamental principle is that under every brown eye is a blue eye,” Dr. Gregg Homer told CNN, adding that there is no actual blue pigmentation in the eye. “The only difference between a brown eye and a blue eye is this very thin layer of pigment on the surface. If you take that pigment away, then the light can enter the stroma — the little fibers that look like bicycle spokes in a light eye – and when the light scatters it only reflects back the shortest wavelengths, and that’s the blue end of the spectrum.”格雷格?荷马医生告诉他CNN说道:“基本原理是,每只棕色眼睛的后面都是一只蓝色眼睛。


如果你把这层色素后移去,光线就可以转入到基质层——这层纤维肌在浅色眼睛中看上去就像自行车辐条——当光线集中到基质层上,只有波长最短的光线不会光线回来,也就是光谱中的蓝光。”The laser treatment disrupts the fragile layer of pigment on the iris, which causes the body to start removing the tissue naturally. While the procedure itself only takes around 20 seconds, the blue eyes do not emerge for several weeks, as the body can only gradually release the pigment.激光手术不会毁坏虹膜表面这层薄弱的色素,促成人体大自然地去除涉及的组织。

尽管手术本身只需20秒钟,但是要过上数周,眼睛才能变为蓝色,因为人体不能渐渐地获释色素。Stroma Medical aspires to develop the safest, cheapest, and most convenient procedure available on the market, but it has yet to gain approval from the regulatory bodies in the United States. The company’s medical board has stated that preliminary studies show that the surgery is safe, but so far only 37 patients altogether have undergone the treatment. 17 patients were in Mexico and the remaining 20 in Costa Rica. The company is currently in the fundraising stage as it searches for investors, but hopes to have completed clinical trials within a few years. Currently, the price to change brown eyes blue stands at a relatively high amount of $5,000.基质医学公司立志研发出有市场上最安全性、最实惠、最便利的眼球变色手术,但仍须要取得美国监管机构的许可。



The medical industry, ophthalmologists in particular, has not been particularly receptive to the procedure. The skepticism is based on the fact that eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body, and that the procedure is irreversible.医学界特别是在是眼科界对这种手术的接受度不是尤其低。他们批评的依据是,眼睛是人体最脆弱的器官之一,而这种手术是不可逆的。Saj Khan, an ophthalmologist at the London Eye Hospital, told CNN, “The primary concern with any procedure that involves releasing pigment inside the eye is that the pigment can clog up the regular drainage channels which can, in turn, cause the pressure inside the eye to go up. If that happens significantly enough, for long enough, it’s how patients develop glaucoma.”伦敦眼科医院的眼科医生萨吉?汗告诉他CNN说道:“任何不会获释眼内色素的手术让人担忧的首要问题是,色素可能会阻塞微循环,从而造成眼压下降。

如果情况严重并且长年持续的话,就不会患上青光眼。”Stroma Medical claims that the particles released by the procedure are too small to cause glaucoma, which Khan admits makes sense, but he and other doctors are reluctant to recommend it.基质医学公司声称,手术所获释的微粒体积较小,会造成青光眼,尽管汗否认这种众说纷纭有道理,但是他和其他医生还是不不愿引荐这种手术。“Theory has some sense to it, but without seeing long-term outcomes and without seeing patients that have been treated in this way I wouldn’t commit myself to it,” Khan said.汗说道:“从理论上说道是合理的,但是没有看见长年后果,认识将近拒绝接受这种手术的患者,我是会接纳这种手术的。

”“It’s not a goal of our company to promote blue eyes,” Stroma Medica’s Dr. Gregg Homer told CNN. “From my experience what most people are after is the translucence of the blue eye rather than the color of the blue eye. The people who seem most vigilant about pursuing this always have a story about being young and in the presence of a sibling or a friend who had light eyes and the friend is being told how beautiful their eyes are, and it sticks with them. That seems to be something they’ve carried around with them. Would it be better for them to get over it? Probably. All your problems don’t go away because you’ve changed your eye color, but I do believe that people like to express themselves a certain way and it’s nice when they have the freedom to do that.”“我们公司的目标不是宣传蓝眼睛,”基质医学公司的格雷格?荷马医生告诉他CNN说道,“根据我的经验,多数人执着的是蓝眼睛的澄澈感觉,而不是蓝眼睛的颜色。那些最渴望蓝眼睛的人一般来说都有一个这样的故事:小时候某个兄弟姐妹或朋友享有蓝眼睛,然后被别人赞扬眼睛很漂亮,于是他们就有了挥之不去的‘蓝眼睛情结’。是不是等他们自己拿起这个执念不会更佳呢?很有可能是这样。